duminică, 6 martie 2016

How To Make A Long DIstance Relationship To Go

Here are 5 subjects for talking on the phone when you are gone!

Even if you have a long distance relationship, this thing should not discourage you, because you have access to many tools that can ease the longing for a partner. Phone messages, Facebook and Skype are just a few ways that you can keep burning the flame of love that also make a long distance relationship work.

1. General topics: most important in a relationship is communication, whether it is remote or not, so take advantage of free moments in which you can call or you can send them a message to tell her what happened to job, how you spent the day, what upset you, those topics that may seem small and seemingly insignificant but which are important for your relationship.

2. Recount a film: propose them to see the same movie, same day, same time, even if you are away, and then call him to tell in detail what you liked in the movie. If you convince your lover to see a love story, the better, because you'll have a romantic debated topic, that you move toward a discussion about your feelings.

3. Laugh together: laughter connects people and makes the distance seem not to inconvenience. Search any topic that will entertain and laugh together for a funny situation that you went through.

4. Talk about your next holiday: make plans for vacation approaching and that can not wait to spend together. Imagine how more and tell what you propose to do together.

5. Preheat the atmosphere: put your mind to and try some spicy phone that will test the imagination and emotions. Give free rein to fantasies and forget the distance between you. If you are more courageous you can try phone sex.

How do you like your relationship to go the distance?